Senior Associate & European Patent Attorney

    Basak is recognized as an expert of patent related matters who is supporting her clients around the World with her experienced patent knowledge.

    Knowledge of patent prosecution, enforcement ant strategy.

    Başak is an experienced Turkish Patent Attorney and she has recently become a European Patent Attorney. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry as an in-house patent attorney for more than 7 years. Her main areas of experience cover patent prosecution, evaluation of freedom to operate, patent scope analysis and drafting patent applications. She is also experienced on patent infringement and invalidity actions.

    • Drafting patent applications and handling patent prosecutions for known pharmaceutical and chemical companies
    • Drafting patent application for an internationally known piping system company
    • Counseling an international chemical and dye company for patent infringement cases

    Deriş Patent Building Kabataş, İstanbul

    +90 212 252 6122

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