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Deris attorneys at law Partnership, a law firm dedicated to intellectual property, offers end-to-end services in all areas of IP.

Gold in enforcement & litigation

WTR 1000 - 2024

Gold in prosecution & strategy

WTR 1000 2024

Tier 1 in patent prosecution

IP stars 2022-2023

Gold in litigation & transaction

IAM 1000 2022-2023

Tier 1 in intellectual property

Legal 500 2022-2023

Tier 1 in trade mark disputes & prosecution

IP stars 2022-2023

Leading in Leaders' League 2022-2023

Trademark litigation Trademark prosecution Patent prosecution Patent litigation


Turkish Board Member of INTA

10 years

in strategy management by Balanced Score Card


Presidents of AIPPI Turkey from Deris

Award winning team

Our team

A strong team dedicated solely to IP, consisting of lawyers, European Patent Attorneys and experienced prosecution experts that can provide end-to-end service.

Serra Coral

Gold - Individuals: enforcement and litigation Silver - Individuals: prosecution and strategy WTR 1000-2024

Feride Utku

Gold - Individuals: enforcement and litigation Recommended - Individuals: Anti-Counterfeiting WTR 1000 - 2024

Kerim Yardımcı

"Trade Mark Star" IP stars 2022- 2023

Okan Can

"The World’s Leading IP Strategists 2023" IAM Strategy 300

Burcum Evgin

"Rising star" IP stars 2022-2023

Tuğçe Güven

"Rising star" IP stars 2022-2023

Muazzez Korutürk

"Bronze in litigation and transactions" IAM 1000 2022 -2023

Soley Çoban

EMEA Rising Star in IP LMG Life Sciences 2023

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Why work with us?

Managing complex cases

360 degree evaluation with attorneys at law, European patent attorneys , trademark attorneys and prosecution team

Business oriented and creative, knowledgable

Balanced Score Card approach shaping finance, business processes, human & infrastructure around "client perspective"


Quick response is one of Deris' most important KPIs. Measured regularly and action taken if necessary

Seamlessly integrate with your company

Deris works seamlessly integrated with client systems, especially invoice systems.

Every case is assessed through a 4-eye method

All cases are evaluated by the opinion of two people. Deris calls this method the "four-eyes" method.

We are a well-established company, over 100 years in business

Founded in 1912, Deris is a leading company in intellectual property practices in Turkey.

We set the sector standards and we shape the industry

Deris has provided close and intensive support to the formation of the Turkish intellectual property acquis.


In depth expertise

We secure enforcable IP assets. We tailor the best dispute resolution strategy with our award winning litigation team. We are the pioneer in shaping the IP landscape.


Color trademark registration in the country

USD 2,200,000

The highest compenstion award in a trademark liigation in Turkey


3D trademark protection for product shapes


"FTO" in blockbuster generics

What we care for?


DERIS supports "UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT" and submits CoP regularly

Equity / Inclusion / Diversity

Deris system aims to meet the "trust" model of Great Place to Work and ceritifed 4 consecutive years

Young professionals

Preparing candidate lawyers for business life in terms of professional & leadership development

Unleashing human potential

BSC methodology rises upwards from investment in people strategy

Creative, knowledgable and business oriented

What our clients say

Managing partner Serra Coral “boasts extensive trademark expertise and has made a name for herself in the field of anti-counterfeiting”. The seasoned litigator captains the department alongside senior partner Emre Kerim Yardımcı, who is “highly sought after for his crucial advice on opposition and litigation matters”. The duo have carved a niche for themselves in major luxury clients. “Detail oriented, profound IP knowledge and fruitful collaborations” are the hallmarks of Okan Çan’s service. As one patron highlights: “Okan is an outstanding and engaged practitioner who provides support of the highest quality. WTR 1000-2024

Excellent law firm

superb team of attorneys are responsive, well spoken, efficient, and deliver a high-quality service to instil confidence in elite global brands

IP team

patent attorneys and lawyers work well together to deliver on client mandates


They really work hand in hand with each other, the local authorities and the client

Deris Patents & Trademarks

Professionals at both firms are experienced in EPO and multijurisdictional patent litigation

IP boutique

Well-regarded, Istanbul-based IP boutique offers high quality services in IP prosecution and litigation for large multinationals

Our thinking

Sharing thoughts & experiences

We share our thoughts, cases and non-IP practices in the field of intellectual property with quarterly Deris Insights bulletin and through Linkedin and web

Human & Culture & Strategy

We value our profession

Because it provides us with purpose and direction permitting to cultivate skills and knowledge. Through the ups and downs, the challenges and triumphs, our profession becomes a journey of self-discovery and continuous learning.

M.N. Aydın Deriş

Founding Partner


5 min

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DERIS Seized 7 Trucks Containing over 350,000 Counterfeit pairs of Sneakers

At the huge "MANUFACTURING SITE" in Istanbul, DERIS seized 7 trucks containing over 350,000 products

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