Jewelry & Watches

High negative impact on economy

The manufacture of counterfeit jewellery, watches, handbags and luggage costs EU businesses €3.5 billion each year (EUIPO report of 2016)

EURO 2.000.000+

Organizing simultaneous actions in Grand Bazaar and in touristic regions (Antalya, Kusadasi, İzmir, Alanya) of Turkey and seized more than 3.000 pieces of mainly gold products which worth to approximately


Registration procedures of 3D trademarks in relation jewellery sector.


Representation of 6 leading groups in the top 50 luxury and premium brands in litigation, anti-counterfeiting and law enforcement matters.

Services offered

All around IP protection

Anticounterfeiting, prosecution & litigation

The dedicated anti-counterfeiting team has the experience in the luxury sector and capacity to organise large-scale and simultaneous operations in multiple locations and the hottest spots across Turkiye, supported by a sector-based investigation team that has strong relationships with stakeholders, enabling the team to locate the source of counterfeits.

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