Freedom to operate

A well-established communication network

Deris works in communication with other country offices; It has a well-established communication network. This network is wide as it provides services in all areas of intellectual property rights. A worldwide FTO study is carried out on any request.


covering 80+ countries


European Patent Attorney with in-house R&D experience


FTO analysis to product/process files

Holistic approach to the patent issue and good tracking

Deriş's experience in patent cases provides a versatile perspective and allows for realistic guidance. Mastery of patent search databases. Expertise in patent research. Expertise in patent infringement. Prosecution and drafting are within the scope of Deris.

Patent search

Worldwide FTO study

FTO reporting

Capturing the market

Our client supplying for leading automative companies developed non-infringing processes and products with our cooperation. This FTO analysis consisted of more than 3 technologies; such as electronics, material science, mechanics.


Securing continuty of production line

Our client ; invested in a new chemical product and process, established the production plant encountered with threat of infringment. Our purpose was to prepare our client against expected court action. FTO analysis covered risk bearing patents and non-infringement arguments are shaped.


Our Experience

Our Client Profile

Starting from "invention disclosure form" until the grant of the patent.

Our team

Team consisting of

EQE coach, EPI tutor; EQE benchmarker; court appointed expert; EPI biotech committee member; UPC representative; EPI Council member, Certified European Patent administrative.

Oya Yalvaç


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