Awareness campaigns

Awareness of youth and customs officers

DERIS conducts training programs within the scope of UNREAL in cooperation with INTA to combat counterfeiting and at customs to raise awareness of employees against counterfeit products.


Young consumers(14 to 23 years old) ) are educated in 3 years about the dangers of counterfeiting and importance of trade marks under UNREAL campaign of INTA.

200+ custom officers

from 4 regions received online customs trainins

User awareness in the fight against counterfeiting

We believe in the impact of young people's awareness of imitation on the health and economy and on the rights of producers

INTA Unreal

Customs trainings

Our team

All Deris team participate in awareness campaigns

Deris brand protection team organizes special training programs for customers and their products in order to combat counterfeiting at customs. The entire lawyer staff of Deris carries out awareness-raising seminars for young people regarding the fight against counterfeiting.

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