M. Ayhan



    Wealth of experience in handling legal matters

    Protecting Your Brand in a Complex Global Marketplace

    With a wealth of experience in handling legal matters in the field, Ayhan has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in today's global marketplace. Ayhan is known for his calm and collected approach under pressure, and he is committed to providing his clients with the best possible service. In the early stages of his career, Ayhan provided legal advice to financial companies, contributed to the organization of legal proceedings and actively participated in field operations. In particular, he has used his field experience in anti-counterfeiting projects on behalf of both multinational and local leading companies. As a dedicated team member of the Anti-Counterfeiting Department, Ayhan plays an important role in every step of anti-counterfeiting operations, from preparing investigation reports to attending notary determination proceedings, settlement negotiations, evidential actions, large- scaled raid operations and preparing complaint petitions and cease and desist letters, along with his responsibilities in border operations.

    • Attending large-scale raid operations throughout Turkey
    • Ayhan currently holds the position of General Secretary in the Youth Committee of TUYAFED (Turkish Federation of Software Developers)

    Deriş Patent Building Kabataş, İstanbul

    +90 212 252 6122


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