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Founded in 1912 and managed by the 4th generation, Deris has established a boutique IP company providing services in all areas of intellectual property, on the strong foundation laid a century ago. It brings together the experience and culture of the past, the dynamics of the current period and expectations for the future. Today, Deris is one of the largest IP firms in Turkey and is internationally recognized among the top-tier legal service providers which plays a leading role in the development of IP landscape in Turkey.

Foundation of Celal Dervis Deris Law


Etem Deris, the 2nd generation , joins and the firm specializes in IP law Office


Establishment of Deris "Patents and Trademarks Agency" by Etem Deris


Aydın Deris, the 3rd generation, joins Deris


Serra Coral, the 4th generation, joins Deris


Etem and Aydin Deris contributed in the drafting of Decree-Laws for patents, trademarks and designs for EU harmonization project


Kerim Yardımcı, the 4th generation, joins Deris


We value our profession.

We consider our profession as a journey defining not only our existence but also in some way our very identity. In full awareness that it conditions our lives on both private and professional levels, it is the journey in which we invest our resources in terms of skills, time, energy, money and which has permitted us to develop an over centennial experience. Without forgetting that our profession is a source of income, our commitment goes beyond solely economical considerations, it is rather a commitment to a string of values based on personal development, pursuit of professional mastery and contributing to the greater good to make the world a better place to live.

Mehmet Nazım Aydın Deriş

Founding Partner, Attorney at Law

Deriş Patent Building Kabataş, İstanbul

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