Raid Operations

Raid operations is the key

Turkey being one of the major internal market for counterfeit products, obtaining seach and seizure warrant and conducting large scale raid operation is the key element in building an effective anti-counterfeiting program.Our dedicated team extensively experienced in the field who has strong relations with stakeholders, organizes and attends in large scale and simultaneous raids as well as joint operations to the hottest spots all over Türkiye.


yearly raid operations for a global leader in electronics15,000 counterfeits were seized


fragrance counterfeits seized during 15 joint operations for major brands

USD 300,000

fake jewellery products seized in major specialized production zone

Sub services

Wide range of raid actions

Search and seizure warrant; large scale; simultaneous and multiple location raid operations

Simultaneous raid actions

Joint actions

Tailor made yearly raid programs according to the client's KPI and targets

Simultaneous operations

Our team recently organized simultanous operations for a luxury group in 6 locations resulting in the seziure of jewellery products.


Locate the counterfeits

Our internal investigation team having strong relationship with stakeholders enables us to locate the source of counterfeits and organize


Our Experience

Our Client Profile

Representing global leading companies

Our team

Strong field team

Our anti-counterfeiting team has experience and capacity in organizing large scale and similtaneous operations in multiple location and cities. We have our internal investigation team and have strong relations with the stakeholders, enabling us to locate the source of counterfeits and organize large scale and simultaneous raids as well as joint operations with the police to the hottest spots all over Turiye.

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