Custom enforcements

Custom enforcements

Due to Turkiye's geopolitical position being a junction point for trade,border measures is one of the most effective ways for fighting counterfeits. Deris AC team has a vast practical experience in working with the Customs authorities, handling a high number of customs detentions, providing trainings to customs officials to raise awareness and forging strategies to combat the negative impact of parallel trade on IPR holders.

EURO 30.000+

Value of suspicious products seized by the Turkish customs in 2023


detention in last 12 months


simplified destruction of counterfeit batteries as a result of 2 customs detentions

Sub services

All actions related to customs

including trainings

Online customs training

Simplified destruction

Client representation at customs


Budget friendly & effective customs programs

Customs measures provides budget friendly, but high impact and quick solutions for the prevention of financial loss through the important markets due to the significant geopolitical position of Turkiye.


Prevention of financial loss

Preventing and ceasing a large number of counterfeit products from entering to the relevant market (especially the European market) through effective customs measures


Significant trade data and intelligence

By closely monitoring the customs transactions, we provide our clients information and intelligence about the source of counterfeits as well as parallel import to build up their annual strategies.


Our Experience

Wide spectrum of sectors

Electronics, luxury goods, cosmetics and fragrance, textiles, motor oils, automotive and spare parts, pharmaceuticals, engine solutions, sports, food and beverages, entertainment, toys and stationery, chemicals, consumer goods and more.

Our team

Effective strategy & execution at site

Our team lead a custom program for a innovative global dye manufcature based on its patents which resulted in the seizure and destructions of more than 100 tons of infringing textie dyes before the customs.

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