Household appliances

Wide scope of protection

From awareness letters to anticounterfeiting, prosecution & litigation

World #1 brand for small home appliances

Representing with a portfolio of "31" brands in litigation, anti-counterfeiting and prosecution matters in Turkey.

Combination of colour trademark registration

Successfully obtained court decision for registering a trademark consisting of combination of colour

Awareness letters

Obtaining positive outcome at market by serving awareness letters; C/&D letters to the 3rd parties

Services offered

Full IP coverage

Complete IP services

To carry out special anti-counterfeiting programs, especially before the Turkish borders to provide to our clients information and intelligence about the source of counterfeits as well as parallel import to build up their annual strategies and in order to determine whether the conditions for importation are met or not, and in case of determination of efficiency, to carry out necessary procedures for suspension of importation and for directing these suspicious parties to the red line.

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