Iconic luxury products; multi jurisdictional cases

At the heart of fashion are fresh, new designs. Among the range of IP tools, the protection of designs – is the most clearly relevant to the fashion industry.

Multijurisdictional cases

Representing one the world's leading sportswear brand in a multi-jurisdictional counterfeiting and fraud litigation

3D trademarks for No 1 Iconic handbags

Securing 3D trademarks rights for the Iconic handbags in the name of the leading French luxury brand based on the acquired distinctiveness

Due Diligence services

We have provided due diligence services for IP matters, to two major Turkish fashion companies that each own 1500+ local and international trademarks.

Enforcement of position mark

Representing world wide notorious French shoe designer regarding the counterfeits of their position trademark

Services offered

Protecting designs

covering all IP related matters

Identifying manufacturers and warehouses, tracing the source of counterfeit products, raising awareness of counterfeiters in the relevant sector by organising systematic raids, and developing a multi-faceted fight and strategy against those who commit global infringements.

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