Food & Beverages

Their brands are the most important assets of F&B companies

This includes the name of their company or product, alongside its logo, design or phrase relevant to the business.


Seizure of 7 pallets- 27'500 pieces of counterfeit energy drinks during a raid operation conducted at the premises of the counterfeiter's dealer.

More than 23 tons

of infringing food packages have been suspended before the customs and criminal proceeding has been initiated

One stop shop for leading food & bevarages group

We are proud to represent for more than 30 years the world's leading group for all their proseuction and enforceent matter including trademarks, patents and design and anti-counterfeiting matters.

More than 90.000

infringing food packages have been seized with a PI decision of the court.

Services offered

Wide range of IP protection in F&B

Protecting the brand from company name to phrases

Identification of regions where counterfeit food and beverage products are produced intensively, active customs activity in these regions, participation in ex officio raids based on products harmful to health, filing of complaints based on word or device marks, organisation of raids and seizure of large numbers of counterfeits.

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